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Whole House Fans

Save as much as 60% on your power bill!

A Whole House Fan System will keep your home cool by pulling in cool fresh air into your home in the evening and blowing the stagnant hot air out of your home and attic.


Your attic on a hot summer day will be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the average temperature in your house. A Whole House Fan System moves cool evening air through your house and purges the hot air through the attic.

A Whole House Fan System will also help minimize the amount of time you need to run your air conditioner. On most you won’t even need to run the AC at all!

Fresh Air vs. Using an Air Conditioner

During the hot summer months you many be keeping all your windows closed and running your AC all day. By doing this extreme heat gets trapped in your attic which makes cooling your house more difficult. By pulling fresh air into the house and out through the attic you not only cool the house but push out the hot attic air.

Exchange don't just Circulate

Another problem with completely closing up your home is that the Air Conditioner recirculates old air and stagnant pockets form within your home.  By pulling fresh air into the house you not only cool the house but exchange stale air for fresh air.

With our lower humidity levels and cooler temperatures during the night California residents can use a Whole House Fan System to remove hot air from attics and their homes.

A well designed Whole House Fan System can fully circulate the air in your home in under 15 minutes!

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We also offer full PV Solar Systems and Residential Solar Panel Installation.

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